SECURA Introduces Identity Theft Protection to Policies

Monday, April 17, 2006

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SECURA Insurance announced today the enhancement of its identity theft protection. It has formed a partnership with Arizona-based IDT911™, the recognized leader in identity theft education and resolution, to provide policyholders with full resolution services to help restore their identity in the event they become a victim of identity theft.

SECURA policyholders with the new Identity Fraud and Restoration Services Coverage will also have access to the educational materials produced by IDT911.  This information is easy to access at, and will help them combat America’s fastest growing crime. SECURA acknowledges that the most difficult and time consuming issues faced by an identity fraud victim are trying to restore their identity and credit rating. The services provided by IDT911 eliminate these concerns.

“Our focus is on building relationships with our independent agents and policyholders,” said John Bykowski, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of SECURA Insurance. “As we have come to better understand the identity theft issue, we found that simply providing reimbursement for a loss would not be enough. The real loss is often the confusion and frustration in trying to recoup and protect your identity. We believe our affiliation with IDT911 will bring real benefit to our agents and policyholders when a loss occurs.”

As part of the resolution service, a personal advocate is on-hand to direct and assist policyholders through the challenges of identity and credit restoration.  Some highlights of the service include:

  • Placing credit file fraud alerts with all 3 major credit bureaus; 
  • Completing the Federal Trade Commission Fraud Victim Affidavit; 
  • Notifying police departments, creditors, collection agencies and credit rating agencies; 
  • Case-file creation for insurance claims and law enforcement investigations. 

The personal advocate assigned to the case works one-on-one with the fraud victim every step of the way.  Furthermore, identity theft victims receive a full year of credit and fraud monitoring.

“The personal insurance market is constantly evolving; it is incumbent upon us to stay in step with the needs of the marketplace,” said SECURA Vice President Personal Lines Underwriting, Jeff Bemis. “Clearly, providing additional benefits to the policyholder with the addition of restoration services through IDT911 helps us stay competitive. We will continue to seek more ways to stay current.”

About IDT911™

IDT911™ provides enterprise-level fraud solutions to Fortune 500 companies, a wide spectrum of financial institutions, colleges and universities, and many of America’s largest insurance companies and corporate benefits providers.  IDT911 is a leader in identity theft victim resolution, defense and education, with more than five million households currently included in its retainer-based program. The Company’s cutting-edge products include: RB421SM, retainer-based blanket resolution and proactive education; IDR911SM, identity disaster response; SBR911SM, security breach response; and ITA911SM, identity travel assistance. Online Banking Report named IDT911 one of “the 10 most significant innovations and developments of 2003.” For more information, visit


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